segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

By the Peers

Saturday 15th.
Had lunch at the house, veggie pot pie from Whole foods. So good. Will take pictures next time i cook one. And went to Union Square to meet my friend DeMarco.

Where i am right now, you have to take the Q train, and Union Square is usually where i get off.
There was the farmer's market there, but i did not buy anything this time. No banana loafs! Hopefully next week.
We walked down 14th St, all the wy down. Chelsea, Meat Packing, and went to the peers. Hudson River Park. Chelsea Peers.
I have never been here before. And was blown away. There is this huge corridor for bikers and joggers, along the Hudson. and you can tell this is all new. The peers, the grass, the urban equipment. It all feels so great. And then the amazing loft buildings. And of course, Christopher Street with all it's history. And The Standard Hotel.

Then there's the High Line. I will make one post about it, will have to explore it first. Take pictures. And explain more about it. But i can say that the High Line is an amazing urban project. There was this old railroad track, not on the ground level, but above on a "bridge" that went miles along Chelsea, along the river. It was abandoned, it was built several decades ago. Instead of destroying the line, decisions were made and it become not only part of the public space, but also exists for it, so it was equipped with all different types of equipment design, making it  a unique space in NY where you can walk, sit down and relax, enjoy the gardens, the views or the different art/urban installations that exist.

For all the ones coming here for the first time, please check this out as there is nothing like the High Line around the world.
Ok, had to post this picture. For all the aficionados 
At the peers there is this front for a warehouse. Had to take a picture. Amazing set for a photoshoot or film, don't you think so? Will definitely have to shoot something here.
Sunset. Went to Benny's, only took a picture inside, will take more next time as this is a place i will visit often. Mexican, cheap and good. At Greenwich Ave. Check it here
The margaritas are so good.
And now its time to room hunt again.
See you soon!


domingo, 16 de maio de 2010


I have been here for last than 2 weeks and yet i have the feeling 
of experiencing typical New York days.
Like i've known this city all my Life.
There is this feeling of belonging, like i make part of it.

This last thursday was the first day i had to chill out and experience the city.

Went to Union Square, had lunch and went to Strand, this amazing book store, so complete that certain sections look like a library. There is a whole floor for the art section, amazing.

Got me this book. Enjoying it so far.

Then, i went to a web cafe at University Plaza, room hunting. And i went to Washington Square, these spots are all close. Sunny afternoon, amazing how the park was crowded, and it's not even fully available, constructions going on. Saw the most amazing artists. Really funky cool vibes. So much Life around me. And knowing this is just a park amongst the dozens that exist all around the city, all of them full of Life as well.

This city has so much to give. Here is a video i shot.

New York University is located in this area, giving it a great vibe.

Then went to grey dog, again all in the neighborhood. Had a really good Soy Latte, and started reading my new, yellow book.

Had to rush, movie time. Nearby independent movie theater that i really enjoy. The Runways.
Flora Sigismundi. Great acting, great photography. Great directing. Was surprised, as this is not the universe i am used to experience when it comes to Sigismundi. Will definitely follow her next work.

And to finish the day, a great dinner at 1st Ave with 16 St, Indian restaurant with a couple of friend i really, really enjoy being with.

See y'all tomorrow!

terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

Social Security

Fulton St, Brooklyn.

Getting inside, same procedures as an airport. Queues, metal detectors, remove jackets and belts. Then, elevator to the 6th floor. And then! Oh, and then...a huge room with 25! TWENTY FIVE booths, all of them working and the ppl behind them don't talk with each other while they are taking care of your case! Took me less than 5 minutes on that room. So different from Social Security in Portugal, where you have 5 booths and only 2 have ppl attending 300.

Bank Account: Opened.

Very efficient. They know how to make you feel welcomed.

Since the bank was at Union Sq, for lunch: Whole Foods. Yay!

domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Yes i can be lazy.

Chill Chill Chill weekend.
Bought me some groceries at whole foods.
A cheap back pack at Soho.
The best green tea latte at Elizabeth Street.
A mouth watering peach bread at Union Squares farmer's market.
And today as it is chilly and windy outside, watching a Golden Girls marathon.
(i promise i will start using my own pics, i'm still adapting to my new Life!)


quarta-feira, 5 de maio de 2010

The Arrival

Arriving at NYC, more than 30 degrees celsius, damn hot, humid and thunderstorms.
Looks perfect to me! Then going all packed - 50 kgs - to Porth Authority near Times Square, and then Brooklyn.
I need a burger.
(Oh but of course)
To do next - Meetings, meetings, social security and bank account. And margaritas at the village.
Stay tuned.

quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

Hectic. Hectic. Hectic.

To emigrate: to leave one country or region to settle in another.
I can assure you.
It's a whole lot fucken more!
Departure day: 3rd May.